Welcome to COMPUSIM

Company Profile

COMPUSIM is an engineering consulting firm that specializes in applying numerical analysis techniques to solve engineering problems. The company uses state of the art software and hardware to provide its clients with an efficient and prompt service.

One of COMPUSIM's goals is to develop products that provide clients with better access to numerical solutions. The aim is to reduce the modeling time thus allowing engineers to focus on solving problems rather than on creating models and keeping up to date with commercial software programs.

Consulting Services

COMPUSIM's services include:
  • Consulting assignments to solve problems in stress, vibration, heat transfer and magnetics using finite element analysis techniques. The service provides support for product development and improvement, design validation and failure analysis.
  • Organizing and teaching customized FEA training courses.
  • Development of custom software.

Software Products

COMPUSIM provides the sales, marketing, training and hotline support for the ANSYS® program in the western Canada region. ANSYS is the leading finite element analysis program in the world with extensive capabilities in solid modeling, structural, thermal, magnetics, fluid flow and coupled field analysis.

COMPUSIM also offers the ARC family of products designed specifically for the aluminum industry. The products include process simulation software, a custom interface to ANSYS® used to perform design sensitivity studies on aluminum reduction cells, and a materials database management program. The programs are proprietary software developed and supported by COMPUSIM.

For more information, contact us by e-mail at support@compusim.com or write to:

Engineering Consultants
234, 5149 Countery Hills Blvd NW
Suite 514
Calgary, AB T3A 5K8

Tel: (403) 295-2912
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