Welcome to ARC-ON-LINE

This homepage features the ARC Family of Products developed and marketed by COMPUSIM, an engineering consulting firm that specializes in numerical analysis. The products are designed specifically for modeling aluminum reduction cells.

The family includes the following programs:

A process simulation program that enables the user to model the dynamic behavior of reduction cells. Both the chemical process as well as the control logic to operate the cell are included in the simulation. Click here to download a free demo of the program.
A Windows based interface to the ANSYS® finite element analysis program that enables the user to process parametric thermo-electric anode and slice / corner / quarter cathode models.
A family of ANSYS macros developed specifically to simplify and automate the development and processing of cathode models. These models are designed for predicting the ledge profile in a reduction cell.
A database management program for creating and maintaining material properties databases. The data can be exported to ANSYS and is used by ARC/THERMAL to facilitate sensitivity studies.
A graphics program for displaying and printing ANSYS plots.

For more information, contact us by e-mail at info@compusim.com or write to:

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